I Started With The Best Intentions

by Goodbye Fairground



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released March 29, 2013

Written and performed by Goodbye Fairground
Recording and mixing by Jochen Stummbillig
Mastering by Glen Nicholls
Released by Concrete Jungle Records
11 Tracks, 37:57 min.




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Goodbye Fairground Germany

Goodbye Fairground. Punk Rock from Germany.

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Track Name: Nails
Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare
it just feels good to finally see a friendly face
strangers stay strangers in this town
no matter how hard they may try
rule #1 is: never talk to strangers
rule #2 is: barely talk at all
I’ve been in this room for too long
wasted my days on beer and sleep
please show me all your favourite places
or don’t if you keep them secret
I only beg for your company
because I can’t stand being alone
and in all honesty it’s just

you don’t wake up here thanking god
that you are still alive
you just go back to sleep and pray
he’ll let you wake up somewhere else
this town is dead, this town is rotting
like all those car wrecks and old trees
the broken fences, empty stables
ruins and hidden rails

and that is where your house is at
right by the tracks and passing trains
four nails to hold this house together
let’s hope it never rains again
tell me would you still keep on trying
if I told you how it ends?

I’ve seen so many places but they don’t feel like home.
Track Name: Western Gold
Saturday morning
so what’s left of lust and romance?
A stale taste of beer, coffee and useless conversations
glasses filled with ashes and cigarette butts
I never thought we would get far and it seems I was right
digging through numbers trying to picture the faces
thinking of quotes that I read on bathroom doors
most of them suck now that I’m sober
but sadly some of them seem to fit perfectly

and I realize that it’s been long since
I had a drink only for the taste of it
again I woke up the same guy in the same shirt and jeans
so if these are my best years
why didn’t you tell me before?
Maybe I would have enjoyed them more

Saturday night
we’re trying to find a place to stay
make new friends and lose them all
in about an hour
don’t allow yourself to stop or otherwise you’ll start thinking
and nobody here likes a sad face

surprise, surprise
guess who is on the phone
you don’t pick it up maybe you already know
I’ve become the legendary friend of a friend
yes, we’ve met before and last time you liked me

a bunch of saints on birth control
waiting for absolution
late night calls and Western Gold
nobody here knows who you are
so feel free to be yourself
no matter how miserable that is
because I’m glad that I have you
even though you don’t know me by name.
Track Name: Crossing The Tan Line
In sneakers and suits
in tight jeans and make up
it’s golden, it’s great and
we’re all overdressed
tell me you’re bored
but you have to admit
you’ve never seen anything as pretty as this
there are rules that we follow
there are facts that we know
we dance like we’re dancers
with gently closed eyes
it’s time for drinks here
those two are on me
cheers to another night without sleep

you want me to smile while I lie to your face
yes, I’m feeling right at home in this place
and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else
at least not tonight

I never thought I could ever spend
so many thoughts on something
that is meant to mean nothing
going to sleep in someone else’s bed is not the problem
the problem is waking up there the next morning

maybe this is over but we’ll get over it.
Track Name: Elephant Graveyard
We all grew up around here
we know this place like the back of our hands
every stool and every table
so pass another pint, another glass
another bottle and let’s drink to sadness
keep the bed warm, baby and I’ll be on my way
we are married to the girls on the playing cards
our jokes are old, most of them are even older than us
but we keep telling them like the chorus of a song
that everybody knows and wants to join in
I don’t know what’s right but I know what feels like it

booze has created this voice
these words, this situation
and I know damn well that this won’t be enough
but I’m heading home now to explain and/or apologize
those broken promises and lost intentions
I never meant to cause you pain
but we’ll have another round and we’ll drink to drinking
to drinking alone and drinking with friends
friends we only know by nicknames

do you remember the last things that she said?
She asked “if this is a game then where’s my funny hat
my toy gun and my fake police badge?”
She said “life goes on and I am gone now”.
Track Name: March Of The Rats
Lean back, breathe in and taste the tar on your tongue
safety is a dream we’ll probably never wake up from
take my hand, the one that I’ve clenched in my pocket
it takes a second to build this and a lifetime to wreck it
you want to believe in every word I say and believe me
I want it to be true
so I’ve decided to keep quiet
but keeping quiet is lying for saints
and I’m not much of a saint

sit back, look at this mess and still find some beauty in it
look at me in the same way, tell me it’s fine
and maybe I will believe it
I’ve got some good ideas of what to say
but it’s like someone has pasted up my jaws
and broken our spines on our way to the top
burnt our tents, killed our horses and put us back on start.
Track Name: Mute
The drums started pounding so suddenly
when the marching band filled the street with people
dancing to tunes they had not heard in a while
but they knew every word in every line
and in a better world with me as a better man
she just would have been one of them
another girl in a crowd, dancing in the shade
and not the center of the whole parade
I heard trumpets tooting when I saw her the first time
I should have known that she wasn’t alone that night
but alcohol and heat turn cowards into heroes
who don’t even ask if heroes are needed
I was stumbling and stuttering like a drunk
I tried to act cool like a moron
she smiled for a second then turned her back on me
some people never learn

and I don’t know how many boys have died for her
but I know I wouldn’t mind to be the next in line
and I bet that she’s stopped counting long time ago
she said “sip before you spill your drink”

suddenly life was put on mute
I felt the pain before I even felt the punch
before my head hit the gutter and I filled it with my blood
before he closed my eyes.
Track Name: City Patriots
I started with the best intentions and finally ended up here
where the coins always fall on the wrong side
and no one is ever sincere
until they turn their heads and realize
it’s much too late
to save the best for last
they’ve got more shops than people here
and each one sells the same
puzzles made of shattered dreams
and the glue to make them last again
until another kid or ex-boyfriend smashes them to pieces
they’re hanging on the wall
you can see they will all fall down

they’re taking pride in the little things in life

I’ve seen better places in my worst nightmares
but this town is breeding
it’s still breeding.
Track Name: Look Up, Hannah!
Wrapped in duct tape and frayed, old cardboard
covered in foil lies all I’ve left behind
photos of good times, a ring, a contract
tell me who needs this
tell me you need it
but who goes to sleep alone awakes alone
and nothing is ever going to change that
even if all else has failed I still got hope
you’ll start a new tally tommorow
that’s why I’m on my way back home

and it will end the way it always ends
I’ll be sitting by myself with the last drink in my hand
and I do think it’s really sad
that every evening ends up like that

this city is made of tobacco
and that’s all there is to know
I hate this place for all it has to offer me
that’s why I’m finally coming home

I’m writing you because I think you’ve go to know
it never stops
I’ll never stop.
Track Name: Man Mountain
She took the last train out off this ghost town
without even waving goodbye
I know she’ll never come back and still I wonder
where she’s gonna sleep tonight
she has never known love
all she knows are the photos and tapes
of those who have stranded here

ready to spend another night
with tourists, young actors, ex-lovers and bankers
they should paint skulls and bones on every door
because this town is a beast and it’s roaring for more

nicotine eyes
they’re holding tightly to the necks of their bottles
drink it down, drink it down, drink it…
a bunch of zombies in a motel waiting for the truckers
to get lost in this ghost town

they have never known fear
all they know is the look on the faces
of those who have stranded here

play it loud or play it safe
if you really wanted to
they’d be listening to you
right now
but you might as well
get back in and order one more
and tell yourself you wouldn’t have failed.
Track Name: Blame It On The Latency
Oh, how romantic
you’re dressed in your boxers
sitting on your bed
playing acoustic guitar
you could write the best song in the world
but she wouldn’t hear it
she only listens to songs to dance to
because she wants to dance with him
that’s what the movies are about
same old plot but still the premiere is sold out
the crowd applauds and the curtains go down

good times pass that’s what makes them so good

do you remember when you said
“I only want her to be happy”?
Well, now she is
and do you remember when you told her
“I respect you and your decisions”?
This decision is her’s
and you only make it worse

oh, how romantic
you’re watching the sunset alone
laying on the grass
you’re counting stars and planes
you could write the best poem in the world
but she wouldn’t read it
she’d send it back

there is nothing you can do.
Track Name: I'm On Six
Sometimes it takes a journey to learn
closed doors and wrong decisions
late night walks and semi-wise words like
I don’t regret anything
so tell me don’t you ever worry
that the things you do for a living
and the theories you believe in
are not really that brilliant
don’t you ever feel the need
to change things for the better
even though things are not really bad just normal
because I did

don’t you ever ask
for a face to the name you already know
when you beg for him to save you
and he never seems to show
don’t you ever ask yourself
if this is really it
or if there’s anything or anyone
any time or any place just perfect
because I did

and all I know is I don’t want to die where I was born
all I know is that I’ve never been sincere
and that I don’t need anyone to cry when I’m gone
I need someone to smile while I’m still here.