We’ve Come A Long Way

by Goodbye Fairground

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Jocelyn Brant
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Jocelyn Brant Plays like the soundtrack to a really atmospheric session of Deadlands. Favorite track: Debt & Dignity.
Greg Bishop
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Greg Bishop Reminds me a lot of The Gaslight Anthem. Favorite track: We’ve Come A Long Way.
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released September 16, 2011

written and performed by Goodbye Fairground
recorded and mixed by Aljoscha Mallmann at Tresorfabrik
mastered by Glen Nicholls

Additional vocals by Jochen Stummbillig and Julia Franzen
Harp on #4 by Benjamin Bunzel
All lyrics written by Benjamin Bruns
Artwork and design by Jan Filek


Benjamin Bruns (Vocals)
Jan Filek (Guitar, Vocals)
Christoph Friedrich (Guitar)
Alex Pilz-Lansley (Guitar, Vocals)
Benjamin Bunzel (Bass, Vocals)
Julia Franzen (Drums)



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Goodbye Fairground Germany

Goodbye Fairground. Punk Rock from Germany.

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Track Name: Debt & Dignity
I'm laying here alone in our bedroom. Dropped like the flies we kill with insecticides as our sacrifice to a god that built us houses and pavements. We're a pretty good couple. We'd be pretty good lovers if we only dared to have affairs. Nobody has ever told me it's so easy to be complete. Burn my body and bury the ashes in a garbage can under our new garage. It’s just a simple calculation: your advantages versus my desideratum and you lose. So bury me! You're standing there alone in our bathroom. You look in the mirror and it makes you bitter. You used to be a pretty girl and it's true that I miss her. In the end not everything they tell you is true: just because they think you are happy it doesn't mean you are happy. Nobody has ever told you it's so easy to be complete. There's still a connection we can't cut. Whatever our future might be, the past will be our's: our little gang of two.
Track Name: Every Hero Needs A Villain
You searched for gold and only found porcelain, bitter tears and nasty cuts, rags soaked in gasoline. Girls they come and go, you say but I don't know: looks like they've left their traces in your face and broken home. Don't tell me that you're happy with this. You leave home just to go back to make sure this is it but there must be more to life than a house, a car, a wife and the certainty that everything's alright. You've spent a lifetime holding hands. You've been what's left of tradition and what's left of Silent Spring. Standard dances and routine, still life and closing scenes with your pats on her back and her kisses on your cheek. Face the facts: your life is just a poem written on the pages of the bible laying next to every bed in every new hotel. You only hang on to memories of things you've never had or experienced. The medication has stopped working. Here comes the pain again.
Track Name: Aeroplane
The S.O.S. breaks off unheard. The plane is down and everyone is dead. Oh, can’t you see the irony? The worst sailor this world has ever seen will die here. Nothing but water surrounds me. My own heartbeat is all I hear except for the waves. There is nothing left to say: I tried to make it home and failed, now I will die here. I'd change so many things if I could but regret is just pathetic when your limbs are already numb, when your clothes soak, your tears freeze and you shiver and better men have died in colder water. Every breath I take fills my lungs with salty water. Every move I make seems to pull me further down. All my screams and prayers trail off in the darkest of all nights.
Track Name: We’ve Come A Long Way
Dirty old boots on a dusty dancefloor stomping to a beat hard to resist. Playing drums with rusty spoons. Singing old, forgotten tunes and hymns about the things that we have missed. Collecting smiles from the ladies on the porches and warning glances from their boys at the bar. We've come a long way but we're still not meant to stay here. It goes on and on and on and on and on. Dance with me only once so that I can say that it was me who shared the stage with the finest girl on earth just before the band stopped playing. And have you seen those two old men sitting on the bench and drinking wine? Tell the older one to go and the one with the hoof that I'm just not ready yet. Put my heart into a box and just leave it somewhere so that it might feed the wolves in winter. Carry out the empty coffin. There is no one here to mourn or shed a tear. There is no one standing next to the hole we'll put the box in to bury it under the mud. Who am I to be there when they dump him? Who am I to be there when he disappears? He has done it all before when he decided to go and live a life of his own. I didn't really know him anyway. The kind of guy you meet, leave and forget. It was fun while it lasted and fine when it ended but I won't lay the sailor to rest.